Monday, September 28, 2009

and he kept right on preaching

At church on Sunday, Jon and I shared a couch and the cat tried to eat the Sacrament bread. Laura taught the Primary lesson. She displayed this picture of Noah and explained that he was crying repentance to the people.

Laura: How do you think the people responded to him?
9-year-old-Sophia: They laughed at him, they pointed at him...
5-year-old-Charles: They threw AXES at him!!!

PS - There are 8 Mormons on the island. Four of them are children. We meet in Ed and Laura's living room. I gave a talk last week.

[image from the archive on]


  1. Totally does look like they threw axes at him. That's my new favorite phrase. "shut up or I'll throw axes a you!" should say that to any doc who hassles me about birth control!

  2. wow you gave a TALK? I would be so nervous.

  3. what was your talk about?
    p.s. i love the name charles.

  4. So...I guess you have to speak about every 6 weeks then? Wow. Good times. Good luck with that!

  5. I would get out the old anti-C class axe thrower. Really? It is gonna rain for 40 days? Can't see myself buying into it either.

  6. This is a great post! I love hearing about your new life in the tropics, Jess, and this vignette about your 8-member ward is particularly choice. And, btw, I've had similar challenges with homemade bread. One disastrous attempt at pizza dough ended up as Christmas ornaments that we STILL hang on the tree every year. FAIL! Congrats on your triumph!