Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas Recap

Get ready for lots of pictures. They might seem to be in kind of random order, but that's because they're all in the order I took them. Otherwise I'd go crazy trying to group them differently. Consider this post 100% chronological.

Little baby Pearl

Norah playing with kissy-faced Grandpa Jensen

Jon and Nolan. Jon looks wasted because he just got back from a harrowing trip to Toronto. The same night that we drove in to Lethbridge, he left for a few days in Ontario for work. It was a miracle that he made it back - and not only did he arrive the same day he was scheduled to, but he somehow managed to talk someone into letting him on to an earlier flight. So he was back in time for Pearl's blessing (see below) when most flights in and out of Toronto had been completely cancelled (including his original flight back to Alberta). Lucky guy!

Darcy, Lianna, and Pearl

Tatum and Pearl

Jon and Norah

Gingerbread houses!

Jon called mine "the Gingerbread Projects".

Christmas Eve jammies!

Jensen Annual Christmas Eve White Elephant Gift Exchange. Looks like some serious deliberation is going on.

Grandma J with great-grandbabies Norah and Pearl.

I secretly snapped this picture of Kelsey and Jake - cute huh??

Shauna (my mother-in-law) with Norah

Playing Rock Band! This picture pretty much sums up our trip. Glowing fire, lots of toys and babies, and just hanging out. It was too cold outside to consider doing much else.

And perhaps my favorite moment of the trip: Photographic evidence of 8 year old Mason singing along to "Roxanne". It was pretty much amazing.

Anyway, that's about it. Fun, relaxing trip to Canada. My photographer sister-in-law Caylee took some family pictures that all turned out really well - you can check them out at If you want. The end.


  1. Your family is so cute! And Pearl is just simply adorable.

  2. oh, ghee thanks. : ) JESSIE! Yeah, thanks for posting awesome pics! I didn't take ANY during xmas, pissed. Love the guitar hero pics lol and pearl about to eat tatum.

  3. So fun, great pics! Thanks Jessie. ;)

  4. I do look a little fatigued in that shot after my harrowing journey to the frozen Hell I call Eastern Canada. As mentioned I was one of a few folks that got out of Toronto that weekend, and grateful to be back in Alberta with family and friends. Did I mention that our friend Regan spent 6 plus hours of his life picking us up in Montana the first day of our trip? We owe him like a bunch of great stuff. The end.

  5. So Benjamin Button was a good movie? Super! I've been wanting to see that!