Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Walmart made me do it

I’m back from my Canadian journey, but I don’t have access to my camera at the moment to recap the trip, so I’m posting something else in the meantime.

My sister-in-law, Lianna, discovered Walmart Bingo over our Christmas vacation:

Anyway, we thought it was so funny that we decided to make one of our own. Introducing…

It’s not in grid format, but get over it. Think of it more as a scavenger hunt. Ready, go.
  • Member of the bishopric sleeping
  • Someone writing a particularly large tithing check in full view
  • Toddler making it all the way up the stairs and behind the pulpit before being caught by angry parent
  • Someone texting
  • Cheerios ground into the carpet/stuck in the pew-crack
  • Dandruff on a black suit
  • Child crying for over two minutes before parent removes them – BONUS if the parent doesn’t remove them at all.
  • Off-key, warbling soprano outsinging everyone
  • Severe combover
  • Child playing with electronic toy
  • Obscene coughing directly behind your head
  • Someone saying “Bear with me” at the beginning of their talk – BONUS if they also begin an idea with “Merriam-Webster defines _____ as:”
  • Child defacing a hymnbook
  • Young Woman singing a solo from an EFY CD
  • Baby girl wearing a headband with an enormous bow or flower attached to it – BONUS if she’s wearing at least two other accessories at the same time
  • Little kid picking his nose and wiping it on the upholstery
  • Knock-you-out Old Lady Perfume
  • Cellphone ringing during the Sacrament: BONUS if it’s a highly inappropriate ring tone
  • Person disclosing sensitive details of their latest malady/financial troubles over the pulpit
  • Child kicking your pew
  • Siblings (that aren’t twins) dressed identically: BONUS if it involves denim
  • Old lady with enormous earrings stretching her earlobes beyond recognition
  • Man with clean-shaven face, but sporting flagrant ‘neckbeard’

PS- Yes, we came up with this list during Sacrament meeting.
PSS- Lots more ideas could come from this post that I did a while back, but it wouldn’t be very original of me to post them all over again now would it?
PSS- A handful from the Wal-Mart bingo could go on this list, as well. Not sure if you noticed. I figured I'd point that out. Just in case.


  1. What about the "Someone making a Sacrament Bingo Game in Sacrament" square?

  2. LMAO! i have this in my blog drafts! so freaking funny, i love the sacrament version!

  3. I knew people who used to play Fast and Testimony Bingo. My favorite one was "I would be very ungrateful if I didn't stand up here today..."

  4. You must be mistaken. Lianna and I are the only two people who have ever come up with any such list.

  5. Sheer genius! You said pew-crack...hahaha too funny.