Friday, January 23, 2009

This post is not necessary

1) Jon refuses to take Penny in to get groomed. Poor thing looks ridiculous. I'm constantly smearing her eyebrows back so that she has at least partial vision.

and 2) Make sure you watch this video.

Is anyone else reminded of this picture? No? Maybe?

PS - I think I might have decided against cutting my own hair (at least until I own a pair of scissors other than kitchen shears.)

That is all.


  1. good call on not cutting your own hair! i think penny looks awesome, all warm and cuddly!!! (and super clean!)

  2. Definitely don't cut your hair with anything other than a good pair of hair scissors. I tried to "fix" my bangs a few years ago with a pair of regular was not pleasant.

  3. I used to have a hedgehog. It was one of those pre-children pets my husband and I used to have. It was a hoot! Once we had our first, we had to give it away, as it carried Salmonella (sp)

    Thanks for the video was so cute!

    I'm thinking if we keep getting bombarded with such nasty weather, I might have to bunk with you!