Saturday, November 22, 2008

Subway: Now hiring comedians of all shapes and sizes

Me: Lettuce, tomato, you guys have spinach?
Him: No. I don't believe in spinach. My mom told me as a boy, "Kyle, you eat your spinach and you'll grow up nice and strong, like Popeye", and I'm all like, hahahaha, "Mommm! Look at me! [points to scrawny self] I could NEVER be big and strong!" So I don't believe in spinach. Not one bit. [folds my sandwich up, prepares to wrap it]
Me: Um...actually, I wasn't done with toppings yet.
Him: ...Well you stopped talking.
Me: ..........You were telling your story. I was being polite.


  1. Oh, Subway employee.

    I think you were very polite.

  2. subway employees give me anxiety! they are always rushing you + and seem so annoyed the more toppings you add. either that or i have anxiety over lame things like subway sandwiches.

  3. Wow! My clothes always smell weird after I come out of Subway. Do you think it's all in my head, or that Subway is stinky? I always go through the drive-through and run really fast past the connected store at Wal-Mart, so the smell won't contaminate my clothes. Yeah, it might be in my head.