Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Bomb

Happy Easter! We skipped baskets this year, and missed the majority of sacrament meeting, so that should give you a good indication of how much we celebrate that holiday around here. Although we did dye some hard-boiled eggs yesterday.

(Yes, the pink egg at the top says "fupa". Penny has a fupa, and it's hilarious.)

They made for some delicious and colorful egg salad sandwiches that accompanied us on our drive through Saguaro National Park today.

Anyway, that was our Easter. I mention something about a 'bomb' in the subject of this post? Hmm...Oh yeah. Almost forgot. I found out today that Jon's ex-fiance from Rexburg moved to Tucson and has been in our ward for MONTHS.

Chew on THAT!


  1. Maybe she'll be your new best friend? You've got to elaborate on the story. I'm sure I'll be getting a lengthy email from you tomorrow...

  2. OH SNAP! wow. how did you guys not know that??? lol. . . i am speechless. but before that happened, i was going to say your hair is super cute right now!!! and i also need some details... i don't think i can sleep!

  3. What the junk?? Wow, that's super-fun O.O What are the odds...well on a happy note, i was gonna say the same thing as kelts, fabulous hair :)

  4. Wow, that is a bomb! Um, good times ahead for you! Don't even worry about it. Yer much prettier anyways!