Friday, March 07, 2008


So, apparently one night in Rexburg, there was some sort of dripping noise outside of our bedroom. I have no recollection of this, but I guess that I partially woke up for long enough to notice this dripping noise that was coming from outside (it may or may not have been raining…), and on my way back out, I muttered to no one in particular that it sounded like there was a dead person inside the wall, dripping blood. And I left Jon wide awake, wondering why the heck someone would say a thing like that. And also halfway wondering if our neighbor had hidden a body in the wall joining our apartments. I’m really not a dark person at all, so I have no clue how I came to that conclusion in my 90-percent-asleep mind. Creepy.

But not as creepy as the time that we were house-sitting for my parents, and as we lay in bed, this rhythmic tapping began on the outside of the bedroom wall. And it was definitely not raining this time. Tap-tap TAP, tap, tap, Tap-tap TAP, tap, tap. If you ever took music lessons in elementary school, think of it like this: Tee-tee ta, ta, ta / Tee-tee ta, ta, ta. With extra emphasis on the first “ta”. (Ms. Browning would be proud. That woman was a marvel. All I remember is A) her name, B) the fact that she constantly wiped her nose by using the palm of her hand in a forceful upward stroke, and C) that she was never self-conscious to say “tee-tee” in front of a room full of 3rd graders.) Anyway, this tapping noise went on for over an hour. Or maybe a half an hour. I don’t remember for sure. But either way, it crept us out.

Okay...I’m putting together another post that I will hopefully get to publish later on today. My in-laws are in town, though, so depending on our plans for the night, it might be tomorrow that it actually comes together…

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