Saturday, December 01, 2012

'Tis the Season!

My house is Chrismassed! Or should I say, one corner of my house. I'm not big on holiday decorations. They take up too much space the rest of the year.

Oh wait, what's that? There, at the top of the bookshelf?

MORE FREE CHRISTMAS PRINTABLES, from my computer to yours. Happy December!

Semi-related, this happened OH YES I DID:


  1. That is THE perfect doggie portrait.

  2. Love the printables and your pretty tree!

  3. please tell me that picture of penny is your christmas card. love the printables, as usual.

  4. Hi Jessie,
    I just followed you over from your comment on my blog! I can't believe you have been thru some of the same heart stuff that my little man is currently going thru. I am so very glad that they were able to find the source of your tachycardia. It can be such a frustration. I hope you continue to heal. Thanks for stopping by Melandboys. Yes they have talked about doing the ablation again-but I am sincerely hoping that this will magically go away on its own:) A happy thought for sure! The Drs are just wanting his heart functioning to come back to normal and then they will have him wear the 24 hour monitor to try and catch it. I am glad your monitoring was a success! You are a trooper! xo

  5. OK, now I've read some of your blog and I am immensely sorry that we did not get to know each other! So bummed. I am FLATTERED that you think we may have some things in common as I am LOVING your wit and style! Your newly devoted reader, Anna ;)