Sunday, November 25, 2012

Holiday Weekend

  • Thanksgiving! We celebrated with my aunt and uncle and my cousin (and his family) at his in-law's house in Scottsdale, along with about twenty other people, half of which we'd never met before. We sat with a Navajo man and his family, and he told us this awesome story about his conversion to the gospel that involved a summer away from the reservation working on a potato farm in Driggs, Idaho, being introduced to the LDS church, then returning home and going on a 4-day spiritual quest in the mountains to find out for himself if the church was true. Fascinating. (The fact that I was eating dinner with a Native American, and that therefore my Thanksgiving was more legit than yours, was not lost on me in the moment.)

  • It was my birthday yesterday! I don't care what everyone else says, I love birthdays. We slept in, ate pancakes, saw a movie (Lincoln; more on that next), ate lunch at my favorite restaurant, decorated for Christmas, opened presents, and had fondue at home for dinner to celebrate the conclusion of my 27th year. 

Postino (Central). You should go there.

  • Apparently I have worse luck at movie theaters than most people, and Lincoln was no exception. We sat in the far back; a woman in the very front row pulled her phone out about once every fifteen minutes and held it up for the entire theater to see. I was too far away to yell at her, but I did get to join the rest of the audience in yelling at the old man who loudly ANSWERED HIS PHONE during a critical moment in the film. That's not even all - some beefcake teenager in a tank top sat right next to Jon and had a 150 minute long conversation with the movie. Jon asked him to kindly stop shaking his leg partway through, as it was causing THE ENTIRE ROW to bounce. A woman nearby tuberculosis-coughed every thirty seconds, and the guy directly to my left smelled like beef jerky. I say it every time but this time I might be serious - I AM DONE WITH MOVIE THEATERS (and any places with people, in general).

  • At church I spent a few minutes chit-chatting with a girl that I thought maybe I could be friends with. Then I asked her what her son's name is: Diesel. I pointed her out to Jon as we pulled out of the parking lot and he recognized her husband as "that dude that said, 'If you don't vote for Mitt Romney, I don't know how you can consider yourself Mormon' during Elder's Quorum." So much for potential new friends!

  • My angry, itchy red welts have browned and hardened into ugly, itchy scales. So hot right now.


  1. Happy birthday! I really do think you have worse luck than most people at the movies. We saw "Skyfall" last night, and nobody was texting or talking. In fact, the guy next to us fell asleep (how I don't know) and the rest of the theater was pretty quiet. Sorry that they ruined your movie!

    And side note -- the week after Obama was reelected, the sister teaching our RS lesson said that she'd had the "worst week of her life." I thought someone had died, but no -- she and her family had prayed and fasted for many days and Romney had still lost. Also, she wasn't sure she could heed the prophet's counsel to pray for the president. I came home a little shell-shocked -- and needless to say, they won't be invited over for dinner anytime soon, either. :)

  2. Wow your super-legit Thanksgiving and fun-filled birthday sound so great! FONDUE.

  3. But are those ugly, itchy scales really satisfying to scratch? It seems like they might be. Is that weird?

    Also, happy birthday. And your Thanksgiving was totally more legit.

  4. It all sounds amazing, minus the movie-wreckers and the welts. But how was Lincoln? Or did everyone else completely wreck it?