Friday, December 07, 2012

Potato Tacos

I know, I know, sounds weird, get over it. My friend and I were discussing our ultimate comfort foods and she threw out "potato tacos." My face looked like yours, until she described them.

We've had them twice this week.

You will need:

Mashed potatoes (we use yellow; they make the best mash.)
Corn tortillas
Chopped cabbage
Lime wedges
Hot sauce (optional)

Toothpicks for pinning tacos flat
Oil for frying

Heat oil over medium or a little less. You don't need much, maybe a half-inch? Microwave tortillas for 30 seconds or so - otherwise they'll tear when you fold them. Spoon on some potato mixture (not too much or else you'll be sad that you can't fit as much cabbage in later).

Fold over and pin with toothpick. 

Fry for a minute or so on each side, until goldeny. BE CAREFUL AND KEEP FLOUR A FIRE EXTINGUISHER A WELL-FITTING LID NEARBY. Hot oil is terrifying.

Remove toothpick, fill with cabbage, squeeze a shload of lime juice on there, add a few drops of hot sauce, and NOM!!!


  1. Sounds delicious! Now you just need to try mac'n cheese burritos. Just fill a large tortilla with mac n cheese, extra shredded cheese, and hot sauce. So yummy!!!

  2. come over right now and make me these. thanks.

  3. Wow! These look like my favorite fish tacos, only simpler.

  4. I expect you'll be making these at my house in 2 weeks?

  5. What would the flour be used for if kept handy?

    1. Well I was TAUGHT in Home Ec that flour is the best way to put out a grease fire and I never second-guessed it, but some Googling has just taught me that that's definitely not true and that throwing flour on a grease fire might be the last thing you ever do. So...keep a fire extinguisher handy, instead.

    2. A pot lid might work better to smother the fire by covering the pan.

      The risk with a fire extinguisher, especially if sprayed at a shallow pan is that you might end up just displacing the grease and spreading burning grease everywhere.

      You're right. Flour mixed with air is explosive. Not the thing you want to be dusting at an ignition source.