Thursday, September 13, 2012

A conversation, circa 2010

(I unearthed this gem lurking in my drafts. Hopefully there's some other good stuff in there, too! This happened about two years ago, when we were on Statia.)


Someone at a birthday party: Okay, we're going to pick teams! Everyone line up! Naomi, you pick first.
Me: A schoolyard pick??? NOOO!!! Those are the WORST, let's just assign teams. [Everyone begins lining up] No seriously, you guys! This makes me so sad! What about the person picked last?? So, so sad. Let's just assign -
Naomi: I choose Jessie.
Me: Really????? First picked, IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hahaha. Always how it goes when you get picked first (although I wouldn't know). P.S. I was just thinking how much I love the word "lurking."

    1. 'Skulking' is my absolute favorite, but I thought 'lurking' fit better in this context.