Sunday, August 12, 2012

Idaho Photo Dump 3 (it's over!)

Annie and Ada.

Love this angle. Three tiny kids on tiny horses...Annie.

Lunch at Original Thai in Rexburg.

Ada went nuts on the shutter button, I have like thirty just like this. That's a shower curtain in the background but don't let that stop you from eating at the restaurant if you're in the area. So good.

Snow cones right before Annie had to leave :(

From Facebook regarding this picture:

Ada wanted to play "church" wherein we'd take turns at the music stand, announce a song, wave our arms and sing. It's worth watching if only for her enthusiastic bow at the end:

Bear World!

Corinne paid my ridiculous SIXTEEN DOLLAR ENTRY FEE which included access to the petting zoo. Best day ever:

That chicken was making horrific noises and Ada kept worriedly asking,"What's wrong with it??" Then she decided it was "broken" and lost interest.

Gator Jack's in Rigby. GO THERE. It was somehow my first time and the food was amazing, as was the alligator with the English saddle on its back.

Motherboy!!! The only way they could have been more matching is if Corinne adopted Joseph's hairdo.

And finally, this horse is listed for sale in the SE Idaho classifieds. Any takers? 


  1. Joseph's hairdo is the bomb.

  2. Gator Jack's was our favorite. In Rexburg though, so we could hit Kiwi Loco right after! Broken chickens are the worst.

  3. 2nd picture is my favorite. Motherboy!! We are going to dress identically from now on.