Friday, August 10, 2012

Idaho Photo Dump 2


Ducklings in Cal Ranch.

St Anthony Sand Bar! This is the single best thing about my parents' town. They section off a piece of the river for swimming. There's also a slide, a diving board, a playground, and a rope swing.

Ada, working up the courage. She eventually did, and it was AWESOME. Somehow I got roped into doing all the catching at the bottom, though. (This picture is one of my favorites, if not THE favorite, from the entire trip.)

My mom and Annie riding at sunset.

Sandhill cranes.

We stopped on our way to Mesa Falls to feed the fish at Warm River.

The falls.

Pets must be leashed.

Headed to gymnastics!

Rare snuggling with Nana. Corinne was jealous.

I curled Corinne's hair. It was a masterpiece.

I curled Annie's hair, too. Work of art.

Tried curling my own hair. Got waves instead. They didn't last :( Am I doing this dark-rimmed glasses trend right?

Ada and Jem, my mom's new ride.

Jem does tricks:

(If you decided not to watch the video, you missed this.)

Aaaaaand why Ada had a sniffly nose and itchy eyes the entire time she was in Idaho in

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  1. You are making me SO homesick, as I'm from St. Anthony! I don't think I know your parents, though. Maybe my parents do? I'm now missing the sand bar like crazy.