Thursday, February 02, 2012

This just happened.

Her: Hi, my name’s Debbie calling from _________, and I need to send a meller to your office. Can I please confirm your melling address?
Me: Sure, it’s ________________________.
Her: Thank you so much! Could I also get so-and-so’s e-mell address?
Me: Yeah, but first - Are you from Utah, by chance?
Her: Yes!!! How did you know????
Me: From how you just said the word “mail”. Utahns say “mell”.
Her: Oh my gosh, that’s too funny! I didn’t even rillize!!


  1. i'm one utahn who doesn't say "mell." drives me batty! but i'm guilty of the glottal stop (as in mou'ain (mountain), mi'in (mitten), etc.)

  2. If you go to a Utah Subway sandwich place they'll ask you if you want the "mill dill".

    Other things in their language:
    - "mouh-in" (mountain)
    - "junnawha" (Sentence beginning: "Junnawha? I just think you are so stinkin' cute.")
    - "spirah" (spirit)
    - "whheat" (as in "whhite, whiinter, whheat")
    - "speer-chull" (very devout, i.e. spiritual)