Friday, February 10, 2012

I'll take a turkey sandwich, extra keratin

First – Today, a marketing guy from Jason’s Deli stopped by the office with a sample for another lady (we often have caterers dropping by like this, trying to buy our loyalty, and it works). Lucky for me that lady is no longer employed here, so I inherited her lunch. After he left I laughingly told a coworker about how my old supervisor in Tucson had banned the office from ever ordering anything from Jason’s Deli after two back-to-back experiences of multiple hairs in clients’ sandwiches. Ten minutes later while eating my free lunch I fished a six-inch long hair out of my mouth. At least they’re consistent!

Second - I’m going to a MoTab concert for the Arizona Centennial, so I won’t be able to watch Shark Tank tonight – that show where inventors pitch product ideas to a panel of millionaire investors. Please watch it for me and tell me if a Mormon guy named Ryan makes an appearance on it pitching silicone watches. I interviewed for a crappy-paying, benefitless job for him several months ago, right after he’d filmed the show. He obviously couldn’t tell me the outcome, but he hinted that that part of his business was going to be taking off as a result so I’d likely be able to earn “much more” than he was initially offering.  I’m really, really curious to see if he was lying his face off, but I do not own a DVR. I’m not exactly rooting for him, by the way. Even if “much more” meant double his original offer I’d still be making less than I am now, and he basically told me no one would pay me more than what he was offering.  Take THAT!!!! He did give me a watch, though. Actually, two – one for me and one for Jon.  So that was nice of him.



  1. my brother's gonna be at that motab concert tonight... look for him! his name's scott. and his wife's name is kiana. that should help.

  2. Was he breathing out of one half pinched nostril the ENTIRE concert? If so yes we saw him but unfortunately I did not offer a friendly hello.