Tuesday, October 25, 2011


And quitting yesterday morning was the best thing I ever did. I'm not going to hash out all the details on my public blog, but let's just say the job didn't work out. Luckily I cut my losses early and can move on to bigger and better things. I'm totally and completely assured in my decision - a far cry from my panicky and emotional weekend when I realized I'd made a mistake (ask Jon. It was very panicky and emotional). There are better things on the horizon and I don't have to compromise. And that's all there is to say about that.

I've had a lot of time on my hands lately, some of which I've spent taking innumerable pictures of Penny, some of which I've spent teaching her to roll over (cutest thing EVERRR, yes I took a video, no I'm not posting it), some of which I've spent with her at the dog park,  and some of which I've spent improving my domesticity.

 So fresh and so clean. And sleepy.


....Yikes. Should I get that eye looked at?

Had the dog park all to ourselves one day.

On the subject of being domestic. It's high time I remind you all about THIS RECIPE. I posted it on my blog back when my mom was my only reader and it's one of my favorite things ever to eat. I made it the other day and thought I should repost the recipe. MAKE IT NOW.

Then two days ago I made PUMPKIN AND EFFING COCONUT SOUP from this recipe (thanks, Lianna!). Definitely the best soup I've ever made, and I have made at least two soups.

And look at me, all grown up and going to the grocery store all by myself! Check out the produce bags at my local super Walmart; have you ever seen anything more obscene???

It went all the way up to my armpit. Perfect for really, really long cucumbers and also for examining cow colons. (I don't typically wear flip flops for anything other than taking Penny outside but you should SEE the blister on the back of my left foot. I don't even know if you can call it a blister at this point - it's definitely more of a seeping, dime-sized cavity. That's what I get for wearing shoes to work.)

Finally, speaking of taking Penny outside, and the reason why I'm writing this blog post well past my bedtime. I started hearing some helicopter activity around ten which is a common occurrence and no cause for alarm. Then, as I turned on the bathroom faucet to wash my face, I heard police officers screaming into megaphones to COME OUT WITH YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR. So, of course, I sprinted, SPRINTED for my phone. Unfortunately, by the time I was rolling footage, all the megaphoning was finished, but I think I still captured the essence of the moment when there were at least three helicopters encircling my building. Three cheers for Phoenix!

Thus, I'm never going outside again. If Penny can learn to roll over, she can learn to use the toilet.

Who wants to visit????


  1. Sorry the job didn't work out. :( I bet Penny is so glad to have you back though! This will give you some time to toilet train her, right? Welcome back to PHX! :)

  2. I made that cornbread for a fall get-together last Saturday. Let's just say it was a hit.
    I want to see Annie's first penis.

  3. HAHAHAHA, I made her promise to take a picture and send it to me!!! (she hasn't yet. ANNIE.)

  4. what the produce bag? that's insane.

    also, i'm making that cornbread.

  5. Just to clarify, everybody, the first penis I've ever DRAWN. Just so nobody gets any weird ideas.