Sunday, October 02, 2011

How Jon Kills a Shower Spider

Jon: How am I supposed to kill this thing?
Me: Just get a shoe and kill it.
Jon: [shudder] I think I'll drown it in shampoo. [proceeds to drown it in shampoo]
Me: it dead yet?
Jon: I don't think so. [waits thirty seconds, then turns on the water to rinse it down the drain. The shampoo rinses away but the spider is stuck to the floor of the tub.]
Me: it dead?
Jon: I don't think so. His legs are still moving, see?
Me: But how do you know it's not the water making his legs move?
Jon: might be the water.



  1. and you guys lived on an island for how long again....?

  2. hmm. i thought men were supposed to be the brave ones when it came to creepy-crawlies? (i'm not judging; i'll kill 'em with a baby towel or toilet paper, but only if i don't think about it while i'm doing it. gross.)