Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thanks, Doc

Well I guess technically he was a PA. But my eye! It's doing GREAT! I almost look like a human again. I actually can't believe how quickly it healed. When I first saw myself afterwards, I thought I would never be the same.

The sting of looking like a sideshow for a few days was lessened by the arrival of new shoes and visits to the local cheap theater. Rango was REALLY good, and everyone needs a pair of these:

They were out of the box for NINETY SECONDS before I took this picture, and I count no less than five Gunner hairs on them.

Best part was the free shipping both ways from Piperlime! No, they did not pay me to say that!

A quick recap of our past couple of weeks:

My mom lunging her horse. I'll probably ride him once the temperature breaks 60 in Idaho. IT'S MAY.

Penny and me on a walk.

So what if her eyes point in different directions?

Sunset photo a la Jon

Speaking of that guy. On the 4th my mom and I drove him down to Utah so he could catch his flight to Texas. The night before he left, my grandma Sweetie took us all to dinner at this incredible place called Market Grill. It was pretty much to die for. I got swordfish, and it's been running around in my mind ever since.

Then, early the next morning, Jon was on his way to Galveston :( The good news is that his review course is less than 30 days, then I fly to meet him in Tucson! Bought my flight and everything. Now we just have to pray that the Jeep starts, otherwise it's a long walk back to Idaho.

To soften the blow of me losing my husband for four weeks (or maybe just because my mom got a killer Groupon), she and I and Annie all went and got massages that afternoon. It was glorious. Other things we've done, in chronological order:

  • Had frozen yogurt
  • Saw Jane Eyre (SO good, but don't see it unless/until you've read the book! Preferably twice in the last year, like me)
  • Drove to Annie's place in Heber
  • Ate cinnamon rolls
  • Went to Whole Foods in Park City
  • Hit the outlets
  • This was just me - Bought a black dress and dandelion-colored ankle-skimming pants that I could not be more excited about
  • This was just Annie - Bought SKINNY JEANS!! Her first pair!! ABOUT TIME.

And that's about it. My mom and I head back to Idaho tomorrow. I feel like a vagrant.

In conclusion, I know I haven't actually WRITTEN something in a while. Don't give up on me! I've just been busy! Let's hang out!


  1. Annie? Skinny Jeans??!! I'll have to see a picture to believe it.
    Cute sneaks.

  2. Love the shoes. One day I'll see Jane Eyre, I'm glad you liked it. Maybe I'll read the book again, then I'll HAVE to go see it, right?

  3. the pic of you and penny on a walk. love it. then i saw something odd. YOUR SHADOW!!!!! LMAO!!! didn't know you were so . . so galactic.

  4. Mom, you didn't tell me that your horse is OBESE now!

  5. It looks like cloud dementors sucking the souls out of those trees.

  6. I just looked at the receipt and technically they're "jeggings". Does that make me even cooler?