Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 things

1) I can do this with my tongue:

I can also turn my legs and arms almost all the way around, but I won’t post pictures of those for fear that I’d lose my entire readership.

2) I’m awesome on a pogo stick (at least I used to be as a kid, and I assume it’s sort of like riding a bike). When first realized I could pogo with NO HANDS, I spent the better part of a morning counting how many times in a row I could bounce like that, which was a terrible idea. After over 300, I realized the insides of my legs were being rubbed raw. Couldn’t wear jeans for a week.

3) I have crazy old man eyebrows. They’re thin and sparse, but the hairs that DO grow are champions and require constant trimming. I once asked a hairdresser to please trim them at the end of a haircut, and she eyed me like a carcass. When pressed, she admitted that they usually only did that for men.

4) I’ve never had a nosebleed or been stung by a bee. The latter sort of makes me nervous – how do I know I’m not deathly allergic? What if I SHOULD be carrying an EpiPen on me at all times??

5) My “I once found something gross in my food” story trumps yours. Brace yourselves. My senior year of high school I was unsuspectingly eating a Dairy Queen ice cream sundae, minding my own business, when I fished a BIG HAIRY SCAB out of my mouth.

6) My grandpa has hammertoe and my sisters both have it in varying degrees. This was always a great source of amusement to me, until last year when Jon noticed one of my OWN toes beginning to hammer. NOOooOOoOOoooo!!!!

7) I have trouble with distinguishing blues and purples. I think certain shades of blue are purple, and vice versa. I finally asked my eye doctor what was up and he ran some color-blindness tests by me, only to conclude that it has nothing to do with my actual eye – it’s a perception issue. Meaning I just learned those colors wrong. Thanks a LOT, mom.

8) My parents never owned a video camera. As a result, there is ONE existing family video of us kids, taken by my uncle. Maybe one day I’ll A) find that video, and B) have it converted to digital.

9) When getting my pre-Kindegarten thigh shots, I flinched. The needle stabbed me twice and must have hit a nerve or something, because for a week afterwards I had to drag my poor bum-leg along behind me like a gimp. Would have been a great time to own a video camera.

10) I think there are maybe four people in the world that know this last one about me. There was ONE TIME in my ENTIRE LIFE that I EVER kissed a guy I didn’t know well, and I learned from a friend shortly thereafter that he was MISSING FOUR FINGERS ON ONE HAND. My advice to everyone is to NEVER kiss someone unless you’ve counted all their fingers, because it could end up that they’re missing several fingers.


  1. turns out i once kissed a guy i didn't know well.... also to later find out he only had 4 fingers on one hand. it was sick.

  2. Hahaha. Okay, the one about the colors, CLASSIC! Love that you automatically blame your mom on that too. Ha!

  3. I am regularly told that I'm color blind because of how I "perceive" yellows and greens. Weird. Also, whenever I think of you I think of horses and that four-fingers story. I'm still amused by how freaked out you were about it.

    Aaand as soon as I read "My “I once found something gross in my food” story" I immediately moved onto the next item. I remember that story. I'm gagging just typing this.

  4. Ahhh! The scab one made me gag... LITERALLY!

  5. As a missionary, I was eating a tasty brain taco, when I crunched down on a bullet!