Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm going to eventually be posting a series of childhood pictures on here, but each time I start to make a list of which ones, I decide to delay. I still haven't scanned everything, and how can I even start organizing them on here until all the ones I want are available? So in the meantime here is just one of Annie, unmissable there on the left in an abundant parka, trying her best to fool everyone into thinking it was 150 degrees below zero in front of this glacier:


  1. Remember how whenever mom bought us anything, it was 150 sizes too big?

  2. there is nothing better than pictures from childhood!

    and the blog world is SO small! thanks for the visit. i've visited you a few times because of your awesome names list.

    and because everyone comes to you with their weird name encounters, here is mine: my brother's friends kids are named McKissa, cashman, and roxpin. no lie.

  3. And I don't think I ever wore that parka, so we can't blame too-large hand-me-downs.