Saturday, September 18, 2010

just call me Davy Jones

I feel like this blog is a little out of control. No real defined events, just a stream of pictures and occasionally a caption. But that's my life right now, so.... here we go again.

Hurricane Igor mercifully turned north at the last possible moment and is currently barely skimming the edge of the leeward islands (that's us). It hasn't caused any extreme weather so far - just extreme waves. Which is good if you're on the hunt for a blue bead, like we've been since we first got here. Supposedly rough water churns them up, so we headed down to Crook's Castle to see what we could find.

(Scary water)

Live sea urchin. Well, for a while longer, maybe.

Jon checking for life in this tide pool (there was none. Does anyone know of any real tide pools on Statia?)

Our loot. No blue beads, but we found some awesome shells. The two to the right are by far the biggest in our collection. The pieces of ceramic dishes are from the 1700s. You find little bits everywhere - even in the pavement - but these are the two largest pieces I've ever found. So it was a good day for treasure.

Tandy and I at the First Term party.

The drink was VIRGIN, no one freak out.

I know it's terrible. I know. But how cute WOULD it have been if it had turned out?? VERY.
Last but best, a few pictures Lianna snapped of me getting trashed by the ocean:


  1. JON!! that poor little gecko! lol it's little fingers make me laugh.
    YOUR SHELLS. you told me i was going to crap my pants. something along those lines?!?! i have no comment. regarding the shells, UHMAZING!!! those two largest ones are AWESOME!!
    "... virgin, no one freak out." LOL
    that pic with jon and pearl is STILL awesome. jon can get LOWWW.
    you are davy jones. omg. pearl is still scared of that photograph.

  2. That last picture is terrifyingly hilarious. Thank you again for making my day.

  3. I can't stop laughing over that last picture. Amazing.