Monday, May 17, 2010

me needy you

So my mom got a new horse, which means it needs a name, which means I've been thinking of horse names nonstop the past week. Naming things is my one true joy in life. Anyway, we've come up with the following top choices - please vote for your favorite: (oh gosh I hope this poll works.)

Further information - it's a Quarter Horse dun gelding (non-intact male). I suggested to my mom she name him "Dun dun dunnnn!", so when she's going out to take care of the horses she can say "I'm going to feed Quincy and Dun dun dunnnn!" and it'll be like a cliff-hanger every night. She didn't go for it. I can't imagine why.

EDIT: Jon doesn't know what "dun" means. It refers to his coloring. Here's a picture:



  1. Wow, congrats to yer mom. I chose Newly, just cause of the movie!

  2. since "Dun" was ruled out, I reluctantly voted for "Cache" probably just because I hear it a lot, being so close to Cache Valley. Plus, it sounds the best with Quincy, in my opinion. I'm glad I voted for the most popular name. . . lol.

  3. She chose Newly! Yay that's what I voted for.

  4. not so much of a horse personMay 23, 2010 at 10:34 AM

    She chose before this was even posted, dun dun dunnn! And for the record NOBODY that is not "horsey" knows what the H dun means. Thank you very much.

  5. She did not! But yes, she has since decided 100% on Newly.

    Thanks for voting!

  6. I must have had a stroke somewhere in the middle of reading this post because I completely missed your reference to a cliff-hanger. You just made my day.