Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It sure is!

Birthdays are the best! Jon woke up nice and early to get a head start on the coconut tres leches cake I requested. Sweet husband. But the cake mix had been infiltrated by millions of bugs, so… yeah. We’ll try again later with another one after Jon takes twelve showers and stops twitching. As my present to myself, I shaved my legs then listened to Arcade Fire on my way to meet him for pizza. Other birthday plans include opening the box my mom sent, opening the card Jon’s parents sent (we couldn’t wait to open that box: Jon knew there was candy inside), and going to dinner at a place called Largos. Can’t wait!

This weekend was pretty fun, too. Relatively. On Saturday night we experienced our first tri-annual St Eustatius School of Medicine-sponsored talent show. There were some dance routines, some musical numbers, and plenty of pelvic thrusting. Definitely not PG. But it was a night out with free food. The next day we attended a potluck put on by the Muslim Student Association. There was a smorgasbord of delicious Indian food, and all we had to do to get at it was sit through a 40 minute movie on Islam. I very nearly starved to death in the middle of it. If eating had been contingent upon converting, I would have done it.

Anyway, that’s about it. Today’s a good day. Kthxbai.

(PS -Thanks, Corinne, for the rad e-card)


  1. Happy Birthday! That's too bad about your cake...hope you get some kind of birthday yumminess. Have a great day!

  2. That cake box incident definitely reminds me of a scene from Poisonwood Bible...

  3. rad? who says that? you do, i guess. it's awesome. and that card was even more awesome. bugs- nast. i can't imagine. i'd probably die. love your writing. the end.

  4. Worst part was that there was no entry hole in the cake mix. That makes me want to learn the old fashioned way like from scratch stylie.