Monday, November 02, 2009

because you asked so nicely

More pictures from the rest of our long weekend:

We took the 4-wheeler out to "Whitewall" to see St Kitts and old Fort de Windt.

..aaaand this is why it's called Whitewall. Turns out it's an actual wall that's white.
The day after, we decided to check out the Botanical Gardens. They came with another great view of St Kitts, THIS time with a looking scope that we paid 50 cents to look through for five seconds.

On our way back from the gardens, we decided to check out Corre Corre Bay. Since the 4-wheeler was borrowed, we decided to trek down to a viewpoint by foot. We would have made our way all the way down the cliff if I hadn't been nursing an ingrown toenail. I could only wear flipflops and while excellent for avoiding putting pressure on a swollen, pus-filled infection, they're not really the best footwear for scaling a cliff. Here's a view from above - a reef protects the bay from the waves, making for good snorkeling (so we've been told).



  1. What a fun little weekend! Nice to have the 4-wheeler though!

  2. great pics! sucks about your poor toe. woof. sand-moustaches rock my world.

  3. I love the hand-written wooden signs pointing the way. I wonder if there was a penmanship contest to see who got to do that. . . I wouldn't have won.