Saturday, November 14, 2009

Diet Coke and a pizza, please

It's been a pretty boring weekend so far. Jon's got exams on Monday, so he's been studying non-stop. It's given me the chance to watch a lot of TV, think about Christmas, and improve my Freecell win percentage (76%! I'm a Freecell champion!). Though he did take a break yesterday for an intense CD-ROM Scrabble face-off to the tunes of Mika. I won. Later, I made cake from a German chocolate cake mix (sans frosting). German chocolate is my mom's absolute favorite - she's made it for herself every year for her birthday for as long as I can remember. If she'd given birth to decent children, that last sentence would have read a bit differently. Anyway, it wasn't until just this August (when I HELPED her make it for her birthday) that she explained to me the cake's title doesn't come from a country, it comes from a certain Mr. German who invented a new sort of chocolate way back in the day. For some reason this came as a huge shock to me. You see, my parents lived in Germany for several years and I'd always figured she aquired a taste for German chocolate cake while she was there. This new knowledge changes everything.


So Jon bought me an earlier flight in December to get me out of his hair before finals. Apparently I'm a distraction. Now I'm going home ten days sooner, hurrah! Anyway, there's a list that's been sitting on the coffeetable. I've added a little to it here and there, and it's now ready for sharing.


Going to a movie in the theater. Eating popcorn there.
Taking a long shower. Hot. Not having to turn the water off while I shampoo and soap up.
Drinking a tall glass of whole milk. Having some cereal with my whole milk.
Wearing real clothes. Oh skinny jeans, I've missed you.
Not sleeping on pillows stuffed with what seems to be shredded styrofoam.
Making Christmas sugar cookies with my ma.
Eating fruit other than apples and bananas and coconut.
Catching up on all the videos friends and family have posted to their blogs.
CHRISTMAS EVE FONDUE, a Sweet Family tradition.
Snuggling with Jon without having to unstick later. Also, not having facial perma-greeze.
Egg McMuffin, hashbrown, orange juice, with apple pie chaser.

PS - I'm going to be 24 in ten days. Apparently this year is my "Golden Birthday". I recently learned that term from my sister Annie. She was born on October sixth and is still a little bitter that she was too young to recognize her own "Golden Birthday" when it happened.


  1. Oh the things we take for granted. I also hated having to turn the shower off while soaping up in Bermuda. No fun. I'm sorry, but... then again, you are there and I'm in Montana scraping off my car and freezing my butt off in my tiny apartment! Enjoy deary!

  2. and me right? me and nors? i'll make you stuff. . . if you come over!

  3. I told you long ago about my golden birthday in San Diego. A seagull decided to vacate his bowels on my back whilst sunbathing. Oh to be 16 again and to have a paper towel handy.