Monday, June 15, 2009

Some people's kids

So a few weeks ago at church, a lady stood up during the announcements to inform everyone that she was throwing a baby shower for a member of the congregation, and that “pretty much everyone here will be getting an invitation this week”, she just hadn’t gotten around to mailing them yet. But, you know, just keep an eye out, because they were on their way.

Then yesterday it was announced that the baby had arrived: A healthy, happy boy, 8 pounds blah blah blah.

My invite must be lost in the mail.

PS – Completely unrelated: Does anyone need a crib? I bought one a few weeks ago as a gift but never had the chance to give it to the intended recipient…


Edited to Add: [sigh] I didn’t think I would have to say this, but three days of people asking me “Wow, you really bought that girl a crib for her shower?!” has forced me into it. I DID NOT BUY A CRIB FOR THE SHOWER. I didn’t buy a gift of any kind for the shower. I hardly even know the girl. In fact, she doesn’t even live in the ward anymore (yet still in the stake), which just adds to the absurdity of the original announcement. My point was that a crazy lady stood up in front of everyone and let us know that there was an upcoming baby shower, but that not everyone would be invited.



  1. HAHA, do I feel like a stalker! I seem to log on RIGHT when you post some thing.

    You didn't want the invite anyway. Not that I know you all that well, but I assume you aren't the kind of girl to follow along with the crowd. Now YOU are the cool one by not attending. HA! Take THAT Sister So-and-So!

  2. I thought it was funny, until I realized that maybe I wasn't the only one who heard the announcement but didn't get an invite. Maybe someone else really was looking forward to it. Some old lady, maybe. And she'd already decided on an outfit :-(

  3. She didn't invite you because she knew you would have to refuse, since she was beneath you.

  4. Can't wait for this announcement in our new ward in the islands. It will be much more awkward with only 2 women in the RS.

  5. who buys a crib as a gift? no one has ever done that. pretty sure. that's the job for the parents or the grandparents i think. : ) most people buy an outfit or diaper cream.