Wednesday, June 03, 2009

ready, set, go

There are ten thousand pictures so I'm jumping right into it. I'm pleased to report that I finished my Cafe Rio pork salad long before 8:00pm my first night in Salt Lake. Corinne and my mom picked me up from the airport, and Annie met us after dinner. The next morning we drove to Heber to have breakfast at a fun little spot called Breadstix and to see Annie's new house, which is adorable. Here's my ma and me at the restaurant. We look like pals, don't we? WE ARE.

At Annie's house, I had my first sip of raw milk. Straight out of the cow, and up until very recently, illegal to sell in the US. Notice I said 'sip'. Annie loves it, so that's all I'm going to say about it. Other than this: it tasted like it came out of the cow's butt. Aftertaste of Manure. Five minutes after I tried it, I explained to everyone that I kept smelling farm, and realized it was originating FROM MY MOUTH.

On the way back from Heber we hit up the outlets in Park City and got Slurpees.

We spent a lot of time outside on the patios enjoying the beautiful weather and my grandparents' amazing yard. Here's a picture of the front; jealous?

Corinne and Annie in the backyard :: BABY BUMP. Corinne was in her 30th week.

Penny's future best friend, Gunner, mauling The General.

He's the funniest looking lab on earth.

My parents at the Asian Star:

Great pic of The General with his dog:

Corinne wouldn't have wanted me to post this, but I love it: I caught her when she was genuinely laughing. I don't want to alarm anyone, but I'm kind of a professional photographer.

BABY SHOWER! This chicken salad was amazing. My ma is the best chicken salad maker EVER and she makes better chicken salad than ANYONE.

I made these cupcakes using baby food instead of oil. Get it? Baby food? For a baby shower?

LOVE THIS PICTURE. My sisters are so hot.

Present time:


The best onesie of the day went to me, if I may say so myself. Amazing.

The most disappointing onesie of the day also went to me. I blame it on the fabric markers. They were snaggy and unwieldy. I was told that the end result was so terrible, not even the local battered women’s shelter would take it. EXTREME SAD FACE :-( :-( :-(

First person to spot Annie in the crowd wins!

Why YES, this IS a picture of The General in a TIE-DYED DO-RAG AND LEATHER CHAPS, thanks for asking!

He wanted in on the onesie fun.


Steve's impersonation of Annie simultaneously raking through her hair and chewing her fingernails while signing their close-out documents on their new house:

Boba tea. Who has ever heard of it?? Not me, until a few days ago. Those huge black things are "tapioca pearls" and you suck them up through the straw while also drinking the smoothie. It's a DRINK you have to CHEW. Weird but good.

Quick story - on my way to the car to get breakfast for our picnic in Sugarhouse Park (pictured below) ... I HYDROPLANED across a puddle of water and ended up on the ground, in a crab-race-ready position. It was spectacular.



  1. You goose, you didn't put up any pictures of you and your hot sisters all together-like.

    Corinne looks adorable.

    If I hydroplaned I would have ended up in the broken-hip position.

  2. i love all the pictures. my favorite is of annie and corinne together, they both look great and the baby bump is ridiculously good looking. i'm not surprised that she is so tiny with only 10 weeks to go!
    isn't the baby a girl? what's with the robot? lol.

  3. Wow, it looked like you had a blast with the fam. Your sister, Annie, is so adorable! I wish I looked that cute while I was pregnant.

    That "boba drink" is called Bubble Tea up here in Canada, and it comes in a huge variety of flavors. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff. My favorite, MANGO!

  4. Yep, Boba tea is also called Bubble tea here in Malaysia. I bloody love Honey Dew flavour. And we have red-pink coloured tapioca pearls which taste kinda like chewy cherry.

  5. Corinne's hot when she's spawning.

  6. Corrine is adorable pregnant, if only I looked like her...I will keep dreaming!

  7. I invented Boba Tea sooo...

  8. Oh shoot, I said Annie was cute to Annie...I meant Corrine. *blush* sorry.