Wednesday, March 18, 2009


WARNING – this post jumps around a lot.

To begin, I’ve been made aware that BYU-Idaho has removed all Naked Juice products from their bookstore. Why? Because it’s called Naked Juice. (WOW.) I guess at this point, all you can really do is shake your head and say, “Rexburg, you are a silly, silly town. And everyone thinks you’re weird.”

And THAT’S being NICE.

In other Rexburg related news, my mom has promised that she is mailing the annual listing of birth announcements from Madison Memorial Hospital to me TODAY. I could not possibly be more excited to make fun of the words Idaho parents have written down on their newborns’ birth certificates. The words their children will go by from now until eternity. So stay tuned for THAT.

Speaking of birth announcements (sorta) - CORINNE’S HAVING A GIRL! I thought it was a boy for sure. But I always tend to be wrong on these things. Corinne’s thoughts on the ultrasound [exact quote, because it was via email and I copied and pasted] “It's so amazing. You get to see everything, though a lot of it just looks like blobs. And the baby turned and looked at us and it was absolutely terrifying!!”

So, I just got back from the dentist about an hour ago. Today it was a typical cleaning, but on Monday at 3:00 the horror begins. I have to have TWO cavities filled and TWO fillings redone. Before you think I’m some revolting swamp creature, let me just say that the dentist spent nearly thirty minutes complimenting me on my beautiful teeth and telling me what a wonderful job I’ve done with my home care before breaking the news to me. I was feeling pretty smug, but then he knocked me down a few notches. I screamed for an hour. PS- I never know what to do with my tongue during cleanings. It does an awkward dance with the hygienists fingers. Like when you meet someone in a hallway and unsuccessfully predict which way they’re going to go. Anyone else ever have that problem during a teeth cleaning? Yes? No? Yes? Maybe? A little? Just kidding..

Remember when Jon got smashed in an elevator? Seems forever ago. Because it was. Well after over a year of the building management company avoiding his phone calls, he’s finally in talks with a serious lawyer. And WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, the second there’s a serious lawyer involved, Jon’s on the phone with management’s insurance company. Funny how that works. Hopefully they’ll settle with us, because going to court would be stupid and non-fun. Not to mention lame.

And that’s the news for now. Kthxbai.

Oh yeah, we made banana bread on Sunday and it was really, really good.


  1. That's awesome corinne is having a girl. I can't wait to hear the name they pick out. You could probably help them out, with all the birth announcements you are about to receive!
    Insurance buddy hasn't called me yet. . . should I tell him the elevator door killed my unborn child? jk.

  2. WOW - thanks for finally updating!!! I was beginning to worry about you. I'd love to know what the Rexburgians name their children these days.

  3. My mouth is a dentist's nightmare. Or dream, because they make a lot of money.

  4. I almost feel dirty sometimes after a cleaning because of the playful waltz that goes on between my tongue and the hygienist's fingers. The best thing to do in the situation is just play dead, or swallow your tongue. Either way, to them, You are in fact dead, and will quit bothering your mouth.

  5. Oh my gosh, Corinne's quote made me laugh out loud - hard. As for your tongue - the hygienist shouldn't be jumping around so much. Typically he/she starts with one side of the mouth and work their way around, so your tongue should sort of be like...mirroring whatever his/her fingers are doing.

    As usual, hilarious post.