Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Update

So I called 911 on Friday on my way home from work. Some guy in a Honda Civic was seriously high and I kept on ending up right next to him as he did crazy things - driving southbound in the northbound lane, turning sideways across three lanes of traffic with his blinker on... anyway, as soon as I got a plate number, I called him in. Just doing my part to keep Tucson roads safe. I wasn't sure at first if you can call 911 for that sort of thing, but I didn't have the TPD on speed dial in my phone, so I went for it anyway.

Friday night we went and saw Indiana Jones, which was awesome, in my opinion. Totally worth going to see in theaters. Sure, it was mostly unbelievable, and there was some stupid stuff thrown in, but in terms of entertainment, it was great. I felt like I was on the Disneyland ride the entire time. I loved that it wasn't a lame "sequel" movie that just relies on the elements of the other was actually an Indiana Jones movie that even LOOKED like it came out just a few years after the other ones. And they mention the past in the new film, but I only counted one single little reused line, and I gave them a lot of credit for that. For actually coming up with something to ADD to the genre, not just borrowing from the others. I know that reviews have been very, very mixed for this movie, but I'm one of the fans.

Um...then other than that...this weekend has been pretty lame. I got a new dress on Friday, and a fancy new flat iron on Saturday (the infrared, ionic kind, and it's AMAZING, just for the record..). Jon got his hair cut yesterday (Cost Cutters! We tried Supercuts first, but the line was almost out the door. I was actually a little disappointed that we didn't get in there, though, because that would have been so much radder. I would have sent text messages to every single Cottrell girl, if it had panned out...). Anyway, he's currently packing for his trip to Madeira. He leaves tomorrow, how lame is that?? The first three day weekend of the year, and he's not even around. And I haven't even thought about what I'm going to do tomorrow. Maybe a movie? By myself? Is that really sad? I've braved eating at nice restaurants alone, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to take the movie theater challenge just yet. I'll let you know.


  1. darc has gone to the theater by himself like 4 times

  2. i love lone movies in the afternoon, cause then you get the treats you like and not the ones Jessie likes.