Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer UT/ID 2016, Part 2

On Wednesday, we Yellowstoned.

Spot me and Annie!


Heading toward Old Faithful

Favorite picture of the entire trip

Waiting. Joseph melts hearts with his thumbs-ups; they're always sincere and enthusiastic. 

I die

Ugh, finally

Kiddos at Grand Prismatic

More thumbs-upping from Joseph

At this point we said goodbye to my parents, Corinne, and the kids, to go spend a couple of days in Utah before our long drive home. 

En route from St Anthony to Heber, we stopped at The Farm. The Farm is a lovely place with an abundance of lawn and flaxen-haired children. Highly recommended.

This picture! Charlie and Jon having a moment, Hazel and Penny having a moment.

Penny approves of the lawn

Attempted assassination

These two girls couldn't get enough Dash content.

At The Farm, Kelsey makes you grilled sourdough pizza and challah bread. 5/5 stars; will return

Can you even believe this?!?

I answered lots of questions. My favorite came from Norah: "Does Jon work, too, or does he stay home with Penny?" 

Teaching Scarlett that Penny loves a good scratch under her collar. (Scarlett then scratched under the collar so thoroughly that I had to give her something else to do.)

K, just one more post after this.

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  1. Aw I love it all. Loved seeing your guts. And Norah's question still makes me laugh out loud.