Saturday, July 09, 2016

Summer UT/ID 2016, Part 1

We go up to Utah/Idaho for a week every summer, but this trip was especially magical. My sister's kids were angels, the weather was perfect, Penny wasn't sick for once, and our days were jam-packed with adventures. Aside from a crazy allergic reaction that developed exclusively ON MY FACE starting the third day (blissfully, it cleared up well before I had to return to work), it was pretty much a perfect vacation.

Even the drive there was great. We took a new (to us) route with incredible sights we had no idea even existed.

Vermilion Cliffs in Marble Canyon - "Wish you were here!"

When Jon accidentally hits the rumble strip, a trembling Penny ends up in my lap

We camped at a KOA in Cedar City, which was not great (combination of forgetting that our air mattress is a twin, not a queen, and a very snorey neighbor).

Greeted by Dash. Related: Did you know greyhounds chatter their teeth when they're happy?!

Being lazy, waiting for Annie to get home from work

Pre-Rzr ride. Jon hanging onto the "Ohsh**" bar. (He pointed out that Annie's, in the front seat, was technically an "Ohf***" bar)

Timp view

I was too scared of falling off the edge to climb out for a picture

The next morning, Annie's student Lara was showing, so we dropped in to watch her ride. I snapped some pictures from the hilltop and sent them to Annie, who forwarded them to Lara. In reply, Lara sent the following photo that her husband had taken from the other end of the arena:

So meta

After the show, Annie and Jon and I began the drive to Idaho, stopping briefly at Sweetie's, a BCC party, and Maddox on the way (no pictures of any of those?!)

Triple nap (two of three nappers are camouflaged; look closely)

Penny bedded down next to us in the Lance camper shell in my parents' shed

Headed for traditional huckleberry shakes in Driggs, post traditional lunch at Provisions

Sisters/niephew in front of the Tetons

The brown lump is deer.

I couldn't decide between this picture and the next one, so you get both. Her sandy feet and braids!!

Cookie snack

Sandbar, past and present

I snuck in one more braiding session during the week. I DIE

Comparing feet sizes.

Corinne's knees + Ada's seat = pregnant belly and boobs. It's all I see when I scroll past this picture!)

We're only to Tuesday, people (we got to Annie's house on Saturday). We went rafting on the Snake River! This was our second time and it had a similar result to the first time. I'll let the next series of pictures, all taken within a 10-second window, do the talking:

(Her hat popped up a hundred yards or so downriver. We backpaddled and retrieved it.)

And this one:

Seems like a good place to wrap up part 1, right?

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