Monday, September 30, 2013

The Plus Sides of Owning Old Vehicles

5. People hardly ever break into your car and/or try to steal it.

4. You can cause a parking lot accident and not care about the damage to your own vehicle.

3. You can play that one game where you try to crank the handle reeeeally smoothly so it looks like you have power windows.

2. You can play that one game where you try to find a worse car in the parking lot and if you can’t, you win (I win often).

1. When someone’s alarm is going off, you never have to wonder if it’s yours.


  1. The downside of owning a really old car (as in from the 1960s)? It doesn't start reliably, it lurches because your mom's seat is broken and she can't reach the clutch, and it is so ugly that you duck and insist that your mom park a block away so no one sees you get out and head toward school. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything. :)

    However, it definitely is nice to have an old car and not worry about damaging it — or having anyone break into it. That's a plus.

  2. The seats are more comfortable, and the repairs are cheaper in old cars. Nobody asks to borrow them either.

    1. And no one asks for rides to the airport.

    2. Remember when Smokey the mechanic didn't even want to ride in the Jeep? It's a delightful death trap, like the Indiana Jones ride, but less safe.