Thursday, September 05, 2013


A while back I wrote a post called “When Mutual Goes Wrong” detailing the most terrifically bad youth activities I was ever unfortunate enough to attend. The crowning jewel of my collection was an activity so bizarre and downright creepy that I had to confirm with Christa prior to posting that I hadn’t dreamed the whole thing up…the Temple-Clothing-Clad Foot Massage, when our leaders and moms wore their temple dresses and rubbed our feet in a dimmed room.

Lianna hadn’t seen that blog post, so she was not anticipating the sounds that came out of me when she unearthed the following photo of the two of us.

Steel yourself, then scroll down.


  1. OH MY WORD, photographic evidence. Mutual is so weird.

  2. That is funny! Mutual for me as a kid was fine, but now that my daughters are in it, wow, some really weird stuff-- at least your mom was part of that one, our leaders like to keep the moms away and have the girls come to their houses for activities, yeah, I don't send my girls to those ones anymore...