Saturday, June 09, 2012

Texts out of Context: Episode IX

[Brief explanation and all previous installments here.]

Tell her hello! In her good ear, of course.

Did you add a pickle

Thanks for knowing everything!

Proverbially yes

I’ve decided that my baby is built like a can o beans.

Goin to yobar

You better cause I have nice kneecaps

Omg. Jon’s pants.

Dogs are a ridiculous chore

I’m stumped on that yogurt trivia question…you better give me another clue!

Me neith

Dad called me Anthony in a text and I said at least it wasn’t as bad as Jerry.

Duh! I’ve been looking for girl scouts like a kidnapper lately and I would even accept free dog poo because I love anything free so much. Probably.

I started a random game and sort of panicked when I saw it. It was a wallet.

It is crazy outside.
Penny hates it.
Got hailed on.
It hurt real bad.

Haha gessie.

I did not sleep well and I am all farty and bloated dot com

How’s your job (yob) treating you these days??

That container you brought home smells like a gym bag, woof


Exactly. We already call it the dump bathroom. Will improve our marriage.

Is your super-tacky acting up?

Get this – my dad almost wore a tie that had tiny “u’s” and tiny screws on it. He thought it was just a pattern, not that he’d be implying screw you to everyone he talked to. [I know this is 'texts out of context', but this one is exponentially funnier if you know that her dad is an LDS area authority.]

I have not made a real spelling error since nineteen eighty six.

His pants fell down.

[Aaaaaaand my favorite in this installment...]

Why the eff am I getting emails from the church book store


  1. I miss having a dump bathroom :(

  2. Annie--It's fabulous I must say. And only 4 (?) of mine made it this time? I'm disappointed in myself.

  3. Seriously, how did they get my email?

  4. Once again, cry laughing in bed in the middle of the night trying not to wake up my hubby. Now I have teary ears. You're my favorite stranger. So sorry about your tacky troubles: (

  5. Ok, so this is a late reply - I was bored at work and for some reason, I needed some serious bloggity pick me up. You did not dissappoint.