Thursday, May 03, 2012

The Rundown

It’s been a whole month since I posted this year’s installment of baby names, and WHAT A MONTH. Within the first three weeks the pageviews surpassed last year’s post’s all-time total. This thing gets exponentially bigger each year so to everyone who shared through forums, your blog, someone else's blog, email, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, messages in bottles, carrier pigeons, Pony Express, and town crier, THANK YOU.

Here’s a summary of the overall social impact of the post:

Hits to date: 24,036

Facebook shares: 470
Facebook likes: 763
Facebook comments: 1,388
(too bad I can’t read any of them!!)

Twitter shares: Harder to track because they disappear eventually, but if memory serves it was in the 30s. Twitter has never been a big platform for this post. Interesting.

Total number of referring sites: 196
(A lot of these are email servers.)

Number of new subscribers in the past month (Google and Blogger combined): 102

Total number of comments on the original post: 404
Total number of comments I had to delete before my mom saw: 2 (not bad!)

I'm sorta thinking about turning comments off, btw. The page is running slow and a ton of them are repeats of urban legends. If I hear about another La-a or Orangejello, SO HELP ME I WILL SHUT THIS THING DOWN, MAYBE!!!!!!!!!!


  1. "Shut it down!" I cannot hear that phrase without thinking of Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. (You seem the type to know and appreciate 30 Rock, yes?)

    I keep hearing of the urban legend names, too, and I have yet to meet a La-a. (Not that I'm complaining.)

    I'm still telling people about the PG13 name you so graciously private messaged me on Twitter. (I tell them quietly, away from mixed company, but then we both erupt into loud laughter and people wonder what on earth could be so funny. But really?! That name! I can't help but wonder if Ginger married into that last name, or if her folks were that ridiculous. UGH!)

    1. You so can not mention something like that-a PG13 name-and then not tell what it is. You leave the rest of us wondering ;)

    2. I can't announce it publicly (not because it's PG-13...for another reason), but I'm not above emailing it to people who want to hear. Use my new email button if you dare. IT'S REALLY GOOD.

      (There's a strong possibility that my email button doesn't work. jjensen oh two four at gmail dot com.)

  2. Your name post is legendary! I look forward to it each year. And seeing that my dad is from Idaho Falls and all of my cousins live in that area, they all get a kick out of it, too. I was indexing names the other day from the state of Arizona in the Flagstaff area and there was a family who had moved there from Provo, Utah. I'm assuming they were Mormon....but I was totally chuckling because they had CRAZY made up names! I instantly thought of you and wanted to comment that maybe some of that weird baby naming is genetic?? They just can't help themselves! :) Congrats on your awesome blog. I've loved it since the moment I read my first post a few years ago. What is Jon doing these days? My husband is in his residency so I definitely know the whole med school ordeal. It's intense and long, but worth it!

  3. I feel privileged to even KNOW you...