Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Jon and I are major procrastinators when it comes to taxes so it was no surprise that my weekend to-do list included heading to H&R Block. (We always have them prepared for us. The only time we didn’t we ended up owing and it was not fun. Also, ours are never complicated so it costs hardly anything for someone else to prepare them. Also, they are PROFESSIONALS and they get you more money back than you could find on your own, even when you factor in the cost of the service. This is me defending our decision to have someone prepare our taxes for us.)

This year our preparer was an adorable old lady named, in typical adorable old lady fashion, Beverly. She looked just like that little old lady in the Wedding Singer, or at least she does in my mind, four days later. She was an absolute joy and I very nearly kidnapped her on my way out. Anyway, she frequently thanked us throughout our meeting for ‘allowing’ her to prepare our taxes, then this morning she left me the most delightful voicemail. Here is the complete transcript (emphasis mine):

Hi Jessica, this is Beverly at H&R Block and I just wanted to call you and thank you for coming in to H&R Block and letting me prepare your tax return; I appreciate that. And also I just wanted to wish you good luck in your new jobs and your careers and I will think of you often. I hope to see you next year and see how things are going for you. Thank you, buh-bye.

No, thank YOU.


  1. how darling!

    i have my taxes prepared every year, too, but it's because otherwise, the irs would be after me. annually. (i'm a contracted speech therapist, and i get paid in gross, so...yeah. i owe a lot. and my taxman isn't cheap either. but i know in my heart that he's an honest man, and that he does whatever he can to allow me to keep as much money as i possibly can each year. i actually got a (small) return this year. hurrah!)

    i love that your lady's name was beverly, and that she called you to thank you for letting her do your taxes. how precious is that?!

  2. I love Beverly! Of course you were the ideal customers, but I can say that because I am the mom.

    1. Thanks, mom. Except I don't think we were. We'd just paid off our credit card ten minutes before and I'm pretty sure we looked/acted like zombies the rest of the day from the shock of it.

  3. That is some sort of kick-arse customer service. Way to go, H&R Block.

  4. She even gave you a "buh-bye?" Wow!