Friday, April 13, 2012

Six things

1. I. ALMOST. DIED. I was on my way to work when the truck in front of me kicked up a giant rock, dare I say a boulder, and flung it at my head. Luckily it first hit the hood of my Jeep, then the wiper joint, before rolling up the windshield and off the roof, otherwise I'd be dead for sure. I saw it coming and ducked - how I didn't go off the road, I don't know. Scared the b'something out of me, especially since a guy from my husband's hometown recently received a massive head injury when a rock came through his windshield.

First impact: hood

Second impact: wiper base. Note the SHAVED METAL I've so resourcefully identified for you.

2. I had a bunch of dental work done last week. I don't deal well with any sensation of numbness, so I arranged ahead of time for sleeping pills. If you have to go through the discomfort of dental work, you might as well book a late appointment then go home and sleep for twelve hours til it's time to get up for work the next day, good as new. No nauseating numb feeling, second in awfulness only to the tingly sensation of the Novocain wearing off. Anyway, all of this to say that apparently Jon woke me up around 8 that night to spoon feed me my 'dinner'. I had no memory of it until the next morning when I looked in the mirror before my shower and discovered dried chocolate pudding all over my lips and face. Not so fast - I'm taken.

This is Jessie on drugs.

3. This happened:

4. I observed this picture on Facebook (as in, I don't know who posted this, but we have a mutual friend who "liked" their picture. Is there a word for that yet? Facebook eavesdropping?) Anyway, just imagine how pants-wettingly scary the movie would be that used this image as its poster:

Caption: "It's a girl!!!"

CUE HORROR MUSIC. And would you believe that in all 30-something comments, there wasn't a single word on terrifying womb-parasite monsters?? (Note to future self - the three-quarter profile isn't the best look on a fetus.)

5. This, because it's pretty:

6. Jon was abandoned in the Costco parking lot while I went all paparazzi on this dog. It might actually be illegal how many pictures I took of it. IT WAS MY FIRST EVER PULI, CAN YOU BLAME ME??

Could use a grooming for sure.



I just discovered the joy of pulis jumping.


  1. I'm glad you didn't die. Puli.

  2. Those look like freaking mops! Ha ha

  3. ah, sonogram pictures. that skeletor one is pretty bad.

    and please, let me share this with you, even though it has nothing to do with anything... why would anyone post on facebook, "hating pms. so glad it's almost over! :)"

  4. oh, and i forgot... i of course loved and side-split laughed my way through your nayme post. i just forgot to comment. and now you have like 1000 comments and commenting there didn't feel special anymore, so here i am, commenting now.

  5. So a puli is a dog, then? I love that in all the pictures you addended, the dogs are jumping. That looks like a fun dog to toss around. Or watch bounce on the trampoline. Haha! They're cute.

  6. I'm so glad that I know what the animal on the cover of the beck album odelay is finally. Many thanks.

  7. If you like Pulis jumping, might I suggest Bassets running?