Wednesday, February 09, 2011

sand, and whatnot

I was going through my pictures folder the other day and came across photos from our first few days here on the island, a year and a half ago (near the end of hurricane season). When I saw the following picture of me at the beach, my eyes bugged out of my head for two reasons: A) I WAS SO WHITE, and B) LOOK AT THAT WALL!!

I know I've frequently mentioned the waxing and waning of the sand level, but I never really displayed any VISUAL evidence. This next picture was taken yesterday at the exact same spot.


PS - I made a logo, sort of! See it here.

PSS - I figured out my videos of the turtle hatch! I'm in the process of converting them, so keep an eye out. Guaranteed to make your day, unless you're a Death Eater.

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