Wednesday, July 07, 2010

spare me

Here’s another apology for the lack of content lately. I don’t know what my deal is. Writer’s block. Or maybe it has more to do with my uninteresting life and my broken camera. For what it’s worth, here’s an update.

My favorite part of the entire past two weeks was when my friend Christa (now home from her mission) outed the prehistoric choir director from our home ward as one of the three Nephites. My least favorite part was when our water went out – AGAIN. Have I complained about this on my blog yet?? I usually try to keep my complaints in check because how many times have we all rolled our eyes at someone else’s broadcasted HUGE PROBLEM (“UGH, I just got the worst pedicure ever!” “I can’t decide what luxury car to buy!!”), but in this case, it really is a big deal. We have water issues. Everything that could have caused us to have no water access, shy of actually running out of water, has happened. Clogged filters and rusted out heaters have left us waterless for WEEKS at a time. By waterless I mean we have a full cistern but no way to utilize it, and in the past that meant showering with our emergency supply of bottled water and flushing the toilet only when Jon’s carried a bucket of water a mile uphill. Can you believe I’m even saying this??? This time around it was our water compressor that broke. Luckily, with Darcy and Lianna here now, we always have a place to shower and toilets to flush when this sort of thing happens. They’ve been blessed with a great landlady who, you know, cares about stuff. Our landlady, on the other hand, is literally the oldest person on the island (I’m still not convinced she’s not the oldest in the world) and prides herself on saving money by making everything work at the absolute minimum (presumably because she won’t live long enough to see the benefit of good quality materials). But much more on her at a later date.

The water situation couldn’t ruin our entire weekend though. We celebrated both Canada Day and the 4th of July on Saturday at the pool – WHICH IS NICE. It was our first time there and I was SHOCKED. It was comparable to any public pool in the US. AMSA, a student organization at the school, put on the event. [Sidenote: Jon inexplicably ended up being nominated for and voted in as the AMSA treasurer, even though the first A stands for ‘American’.][He’s Canadian.] The next day we celebrated the 4th with a smaller group of friends and laughed for hours straight.

Pictures from the weekend:

Jon manning the makeshift grill

Anh Thu and Hina

Faisa, me, Reena

Tandy and Derrick creating our bounteous feast

Pearl the celebrity


In conclusion, here's a video in which I say the word 'vagina' (it was warranted).


  1. Sorry about yer water issues, that sucks. I remember going to Bermuda and taking 2 minute freezing cold showers from rainwater, I can kinda sympathize wuth ya I think! Oh, and the video didnt show up...?

  2. Going to Bermuda on vacation is a far cry from living in a waterless Hell. So tropical island life has it's downside, who knew? Um on a more important note: We celebrated Canada Day as well as Independance Day. Also, as well, at the same time I am the best treasurer that has ever treasured for AMSA!

  3. I'm sure you guys would have been grateful for a 2 minute cold shower...

  4. Oh gosh! The water issues make me want to cry! It is like a bad camping trip that never ends!!! ARRGGHHH!!! honestly that really sucks!

  5. If I had known that you guys were using that pool as a bath I wouldn't have swam... swum... gone swimming in it.