Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Sorry for the haphazard post yesterday. I was short on time and internet bandwidth, so I compressed the video as small as I could and included little to no commentary. So let's try it again. This version should be better quality (I hope) so you can actually see what's happening.

This happened right outside of Darcy and Lianna's house. Lianna and I were chatting in the living room when we heard the dreadful bellowing of an angry bull. We ran outside just in time to see him (the brown one) lumbering up the road past the house, roaring. But then he abruptly quit and became boring, so we went back inside.

Twenty minutes later there was a ruckus outside. We sprinted out the door, camera ready, to see what was happening. Just a few more yards up the road, he'd encountered the black bull and was about to get his sirloin handed to him. That's where the movie begins.

After the camera stopped rolling, Lianna and I were in mid-panic (or maybe it was just me) and headed inside (I might have been running). But Lianna glanced back to see that the bulls, now both inside the fenced yard, were casually grazing side-by-side in this newly discovered lush paradise. Bffs, you might say. So we watched for another few minutes as they completely destroyed the yard...pawing up the lawn, pulling entire branches off the mango tree, having a grand old time.

The property owners, unfortunately, were off-island at the time. I almost felt sorry for them until I realized it's their own fault for having a flimsy fence and leaving the island for months at a time with no one left behind to watch their property. Dummies.


  1. that's better! That sucks about their yard though!

  2. Considering you live on a tiny, boring island, you sure so see a lot of exciting things!