Monday, February 08, 2010

Graveyard Rock

First, you know that gap in a door near the hinges where a child’s finger or perhaps a large gecko could get squished? A large gecko got squished in that gap in our bedroom door. We didn’t discover it until we’d been smelling death for two days. Jon made the grisly discovery after being inspired to check the hinges. I wasn’t present for the removal, but I heard all about it later. Apparently it rolled down the door jamb once he dislodged it, leaving a gooey death trail as it went. Jon twitched for hours.

Second, Friday was so much fun. We spent a couple of hours at the beach and then on our way home were excited to see that our favorite fair-weather bakery was open. Usually it’s not, but that doesn’t stop me from hoping each time we walk past. We snacked on warm rolls on the bakery’s front porch for a minute before heading in to the graveyard to collect some fruit. The mango tree in there is the biggest I’ve seen on the island, but the ripe ones had already been claimed by the wildlife. Still, it was fun to poke around. Pictures!

First jellyfish sting! It slightly burned and prickled for a minute or two. Half an hour later you would have never known. Borrrring.


  1. So, no pictures of the Gecko I guess eh? Too bad. But that is sick. Sweet pics. Ya, boo on the jellyfish sting only hurting for a little while.

  2. boring, yet good to know about the jellyfish. love all the pictures. trying not to think too hard about the death. . .

  3. i can't wait to come visit you guys!!! we're thinking/looking at may. let me know if that's good.

  4. Did you get Jon to pee on you after your jellyfish sting? SICK! I knew it!

    Btw, I'm coming your way in December. By the way of a cruise, I'll honk my airhorn as I cruise by.

  5. this has nothing to do with your chicken post sorry. but this girl sent me a message on facebook and on her profile her kids names were listed as follows:
    Kyera Johnson
    khalee johnson
    kylah johnson
    kyden johnson
    kyler johnson.

    reminded me of your names post, and i instantly sent it to my sister for a good laugh. thought you might enjoy it as well!!