Thursday, December 17, 2009

That's what she said

Apparently the entire state of Idaho is without power except for my parents' house. I'm writing this blog post just because I CAN. Corinne invented a scenario involving the entire population of St Anthony turning into zombies and wandering through the dark to come pound on our windows, like moths drawn to a flame.

Last night we went into Rexburg and visited a while with Jon's sister Kelsey, her husband Jake, and my little niece Norah who, as it turns out, can say "baby" unprompted - biggest shock of my life. She and Ada loved each other. We showed up about 40 minutes after I said we would, which may or may not have been the result of my getting lost on the way to Little Caesar's to pick up our Hawaiian pizza. Corinne had called in the order ahead of time and explained to me once she hung up that she couldn't tell if he'd said the total was 7 dollars, or 11 dollars. And I'm like, "ewww, he must have said 11". But no. $6.99. You can buy a large, two-topping pizza for $6.99. And they have "Hot and Ready" ones available for FIVE DOLLARS. Immediately I was suspicious. Nothing that big should be that cheap. Especially something that's edible.

It's been pretty low-key. Just sort of waiting for the rest of the family to show up (Jon gets in this weekend!!). One of the most exciting moments of the past few days was when I checked my Analytics and discovered "huge Scandinavian women" on my list of keywords. Meaning someone ended up on my blog by typing that phrase into Google. I was a little bit crept out, and a little bit proud.

Then there was a really funny story that my dad told that just bombed every time I tried to type it out. So let me just say that it involved a little boy who started wailing out of disappointment when he realized his grandma wasn't pregnant, just fat. He was really looking forward to that baby. Funny? Not funny? Never mind. I'm done with this post anyway.


  1. i can totally picture corinne's scenario. i'm sure that has or will happen someday in stanthony.
    is it bad that i like and have been craving little caesar's $5 cheese pizza for two days?? heh ask darcy, i don't lie.
    how was that on your list of key words?? soo confused right now. :)

  2. i hate power. we ended up playing dominoes by candlelight. i should have been studying. . . i kind of wish i were at the testing center when it happened, that's a guaranteed A, right?

  3. um little caesars here has $4 large pizzas on Mondays. FOUR DOLLARS!

    my husband's second uncle or whatever owned like a large percent of them in Utah and he supposedly "invented" the $5 little caesars pizzas and apparently they make a KILLING off of it. I still think it's a lie but whatever. I still get to eat $4pizzas. the end.

  4. I had this one uncle that invented breathing, no wait, he invented breathing in Jello. That is some real fun. I heart snow.

  5. HAHA, once again, I'm tearing up, that last at story about boy crying over fat grandma/not pregnant...HILARIOUS as usual. thanks. all better now!

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