Sunday, October 11, 2009

take 2

We went hiking again yesterday, but this time we trekked down into the crater of the Quill. Last time I was too scared to. I’d heard rumors from not-so-legitimate sources of plate-sized tarantulas down there. But after going up and down the volcano last time without seeing anything but some goats, some lizards, and a million crabs, today we went for it. Plus, I’ve decided that tarantulas are the least of my worries, because there was the ugliest, hugest, fastest yellow and red spider that went running along one of the arches of our porch a while back that I swear would have jumped on my face and eaten my eyes out if I’d have gotten within ten feet of it. I had nightmares for a week.

Anyway, the hike. So partway up we stopped to rest on some boulders. There was a rooster off in the underbrush, rummaging around for a snack, and he kept getting closer and closer. We figured as soon as he looked up and saw us, he’d take off squawking up a storm like all the hens tend to do, but he really didn’t mind us at all. So weird. And he didn’t just walk past, he decided to hang out for a while with us. You know. Fix his feathers and stuff.

Even when Jon grabbed him, he hardly cared at all. He sort of protested for like three seconds and as soon as Jon released his grip the dumb bird just strutted right past us to go peck at our water bottle. Silly rooster!

Later, I almost stepped on this snake:

Here’s Jon beginning the descent into the crater:


Aaaand can we talk about this picture? WTH??

Anyway, all in all, not as scary as I'd thought it would be. Though there were a couple of times when we were in the deepest part of the crater that I'm sure Jon would have preferred to just put a blindfold on me and lead me around, like removing a horse from a burning stable. I'm sort of a wimp.
I promise that the next time I write, it won't be detailing another hike to the Quill. Sorry if I've let you down.


  1. That's funny about being blindfolded, but whatever works eh? Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!!

  2. i can't even concentrate on this post because i just read your twitter. . . you watched DANTE'S PEAK??? while living on a volcano???? ah. i can't even believe it.

  3. Wish I could have been there. For the rooster part.