Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't try this at home

I had another fall. I don't know how it happened, but one moment I was preparing to leave the safety of ...sitting down... to go round up a snack, and the next thing I knew I was sprawled halfway across the couch, which was sliding away from me, with my legs tangled up under the coffee table. Whether or not I hit my knee on the glass top, or on the wicker arm of the couch, remains to be seen, all I know is that ten minutes after the incident I started screaming when I saw the thing that popped out of my patella.

I'd appreciate silence on the matter of all those leg hairs. Knees are really hard to shave, okay?!? Jon says I ruptured a blood vessel and that's what caused all the swelling and the purplish-black mark on top (unpictured). Anyway, at least I got a decent bruise out of it all.

PS - Last night during Wheel of Fortune, Jon says "I can't wait for when someone gets caught on the wheel and dragged around". I could not possibly have thrown my head back harder or laughed more loudly, short of causing myself further injury. He's pretty much the best person to have around.


  1. Jessie!! Oh my goodness. Girl...I just don't know what to say about all these accidents, but you are right, makes for a great bruise, and an even greater post/picture! Oh, and Jon's comment, I too, have honestly thought that about the wheel!

  2. i'm laughing too hard to type. not at the injury, as the wheel of fortune visual! he is a great person to have around. . .

  3. lol. yeah, jonny's alright. um the line, "I had another fall," instantly draws a clear visual of a feeble old lady with knee highs rolling down, reading glasses, and a walker. just so you know. ; )

  4. I'm sobbing sobbing sobbing at this post. I'm not kidding, tears and snot are flowing freely, I'm gagging trying to catch my breath.

    You are the cutest clumsy girl ever. And tell Jon I have TOTALLY HAD THAT SAME THOUGHT!

  5. I didn't see any leg hairs. I want my money back.