Tuesday, May 19, 2009

turtle soup

Today was “Max-Out-Our-Benefits-Before-We-Move-to-the-Caribbean” day. I just got back from an eye exam (does anyone else get nauseated when the eye doctor shines all those horrifically bright lights right into your eyeball? No? No one? No one but me? I’m the only one? Really?), and Jon had his second round of dental work since last Tuesday done this morning. He’s looking forward to yet another Jello dinner. Maybe I'll even heat him up a can of Campbell's. We'll see about it.

I have exactly eight weeks of work left before our Summer Vacation Extravaganza so the countdown has begun. If you think that I haven’t already started making lists of things to do while we’re in Utah/Idaho/Alberta/NYC, then YOU DON’T KNOW ME AT ALL. I make lists. It’s what I do. Is it bad that almost all of the things I’ve ‘planned’ so far are just names of restaurants?

This weekend was lovely and full of accomplishments. In addition to the usual laundry and cleaning, we actually started going through our belongings and packing things up. Everything we’re sending to the island has to be at a depot in Miami by the beginning of July, which means we’ve got to mail it there by mid-June at the very latest. The school arranges for everything to be shipped as freight from there for cheap, which is really nice because the alternative is taking everything with us on our flight. Not the best option considering we’ll be spending a few days at my sister’s apartment in New York City on our way there.

On Friday, my office got together for a little bit of bowling. I hadn’t bowled since the last time my work paid for it, over 2 years ago. Me and bowling don’t get along. I managed to score a 68 both rounds, though – is there a prize for consistency?

Jon dubbed this move “The Crane”. One step up from when my dad nicknamed me “Stork”, which may or may not have been the result of 14-year-old me “storking around” in a wave pool. The water was a 18 inches deep where I was and it was easier to lift my feet completely out of the water than walk normally. When I was 14 my body was 80% legs, I weighed 90 pounds, and I was a foot taller than my two sisters combined. I didn’t think anyone was watching me. I was wrong.

On Sunday we went to Agua Caliente Park to feed the ducks, which quickly turned into feeding the turtles. As soon as we started throwing bread, little turtle heads popped up all across the lake. Within two minutes, they were swarming the shoreline. At one point we counted fifteen of them within a few feet of us. ADORABLE. I want a pond. Pictures:

Jon looking up at the massive palm trees. He’s been wearing his Keens for a couple of weeks now. Something to do with not wanting to show up to the first day of school wearing shiny new shoes.

[Being fancy with the camera settings.]

Ew, big ugly lizard with no tail.


  1. I love bowling, but I can't go with Adam because he gets mad with the shoes. He's very particular, and when they don't work right, he throws little temper tantrums.

  2. A 68, wow....um....noooot bad! Haha! Sounds like you have everything in order. I also make lists. It's also what I do. I am a planner. I tend to try to plan 4-6 months in advance for things. With 2 families in 2 different countries, you have to plan. So I commend your list-making.

  3. loved the pics. lists are the best lists. how did your leg get so high in that picture? i plan on acting it out to see if it's even possible.. .

  4. I actually got a picture of her from behind and it showed up as a leg growing straight out of her head. Survivorman told me you can eat turtles, so next time we go to the park it's on.