Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On being nerd-tastic

When I left for work this morning, there was a text on my phone from my sister Annie, wondering if she was the only one who thinks the new Captain Kirk is “ridiculously hot”. While I’ll agree that Chris Pine is an attractive guy, Zachary Quinto definitely takes the cake for me. You know, minus the ears, minus the short man-bangs, Spock has sort of got it going on. Anyway, after a little bit of arguing back and forth (Annie insisted that liking Spock is equivalent to liking Data), I decided to ask Corinne to settle it. Here was her reply (via text):

“[Spock] is way hotter!! He has such an interesting face. I don’t like Kirk at all. And it’s nothing like Data. At least Spock is half human. K…that’s the dorkiest thing I’ll say all day.”


Completely unrelated: Ever since I installed Google Analytics to my blog, which tells me how many people are visiting and from where, I’ve noticed unusual activity coming from Addison, Texas. I don’t know anyone in Addison, Texas, which is why I was always suspicious that an Addisonian visits my blog about 5 times a day on average. And sometimes more. It used to bug me at first, and I got really careful with revealing anything to do with location, just to be on the safe side. Well, let me tell you, yesterday I made a shocking discovery. At about 1:30, it became important for me to review Baskin-Robbins’ complete ice cream flavor list. So I typed “Baskin-Robbins” into Google, and there, at the very top of the results page, was a map displaying all their stores near …Addison, Texas. A link to the right gave me the option to change my location. It was then that I came to the realization that my work internet often runs through a certain Addison, Texas, so as it turns out, the mystery person IS ME!!!!!!

I’m the lamest person I know.


  1. Yours is literally the 3rd post I have seen in 2 weeks, where the poster realized that was themselves!

    I labeled my IP address right away.

  2. Data is made of moist clay, not very sexy. Spock is definitely a ladies man, he wooed my wife so he must have something special.

  3. I agree about Data...ew. And about you spying on yourself, that's hilarious! Laugh of the day goes to Jessie!

  4. Sorry the texas thing just about made me pee laughing!! Heheheheh!