Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tracking the Damage: Six Hours Later

It has been six hours and one trip to the movie theater later, and my face still looks like a battered housewife's.

This is me, trying to look sad. As you can see, the rug burn on my face is getting more and more noticeable as time passes. The exact opposite of what I'd like it to be doing.

At least the swelling has gone down a bit on my lip. I'm sad I didn't know about the "macro" setting on my camera earlier today, or the first portrait of the damage would have been even more frightening. I've been complaining about how terrible our little camera is ever since we got it, but it turns out I just don't know enough about the different settings in order to take a decent picture. Ha.

Anyway, Get Smart was okay. It wasn't fantastic, but it wasn't bad either. I laughed out loud a couple of times, so it definitely wasn't a waste of money. Going to Safeway later. Neosporin is at the top of my list.


  1. It's by Hilary Weeks. It's not on any of her cd's. I jut happened to find it on some random LDS music website. I can't find that song anywhere anymore.

  2. Oh, you forgot "nucular war" and "patriartical blessing"!

  3. what's with hilary weeks? ha. um your "trying to look sad" turned out "serial killer mugshot" instead. weird.

  4. yikes! hope your face feels better. thanks for saving some bunnies today, i'm sure peta appreciates it! i'm sure your face will be healed super fast because of it.

    because of you i now find myself on icanhascheezburger daily... laughing til i cry.

    now i'm off to find a recipe for the yak meat we're having tonight.

    [p.s. i love the words you like to mis-pronounce... 'exspecially' o-weeze.]

  5. Looks like penny hit you. Angel has no faith in my hitting skillz.