Monday, July 23, 2012


The best news is that I'm flying to Idaho on Friday for over a week! The second best news is that I'm done wearing my heart monitor!! I pulled the last sticky patches off tonight (still nursing the resulting wounds) and packed the whole thing up in a box to mail back. I'm unfettered, unshackled, FREE!!  I won't know until my follow-up appointment after my trip whether or not the doctor got the info he needs, but I had a couple of little episodes near the end so I'm hopeful.

Anyway, I figured if I didn't dump all my screenshots and pictures before I go to Idaho, they might never make it onto the blog. Sad but true. Okay go.

I wish I'd thought of this in time for the original post, but I didn't:

Jon drew this and it made me laugh:

Me = Green, Jon = White

I do not know this dog. But this picture makes me indescribably happy and I couldn't even really tell you why:

THERE WAS A HABOOB. That's a fancy, foreign word for a disgusting dust storm. 
Looking South

Looking North

Next, a bunch of pictures and a video of my dog.

Sooooooooo sleeeeeepyyyyy

You can spare 15 seconds for this video of Penny slipping and falling into the pool:

Last, a picture of her leaping into the water:



  1. Can't wait to see you! Haboob.

  2. I'm going to teach Ada how to say that (haboob) for your welcoming present.

  3. "Haboob"? That's the greatest word ever. All natural phenomena should have names like "haboob."