Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Made you look

It's been a while since I last posted, and since I'm not planning on blogging while my mom is here these next few days (!!!), I figured I'd throw another one out there. No real reason. Just cleaning off my memory card.

This is a delicious dinner I made about two weeks ago. Typically when I make dinner, I don't enjoy actually eating it. A mixture between being a terrible cook and being turned off from the whole idea just from smelling it the entire time it was cooking. This crockpot recipe was a rare exception. It was delicious. Corn, chicken, black beans, and salsa slow cooked for five hours. We shredded the chicken, added cilantro, and ate it with tortilla chips for three days solid. AND IT ONLY GOT BETTER EACH TIME. I'm making it tomorrow so we can have it for dinner with my ma when she gets here.

Last weekend we went out shooting again, and this time Penny came with us. She ran around for the first fifteen minutes or so, but after an encounter with a prickly stick-like shrub she plopped down in the dirt with our gear and would not be moved. I pulled burrs and twigs out of her ears for hours afterward while she acted like I was attempting to kill her, so I can safely say that it was perhaps the last time we will take Penny exploring in the Sonoran Desert. Here's a picture I snapped on our way back down the mountain. It looked better in real life. We are in severe need of a new camera.

After being such a sweet husband and dying my hair for me on Saturday, Jonathan decided to dye his beard with what was left over.


Last and least, this morning Penny took full advantage of the pile of freshly laundered blankets in our bedroom. Because sometimes a feather duvet on top of a memory foam mattress just isn't soft enough. Ignore the condition of our bed. It has since been made.

Have a super great rest of the week. I know I will, because my MA IS COMING TO SEE ME!!! Three cheers for mothers.

OH, and PS - You know how some people have blog rolls on their sidebars? Lists of all their friends? You know how there's a setting that will publish the title of each person's most recent post underneath their name? I am LOVING the thought of scandalized-yet-curious people coming to look at my blog from seeing the title of my last post on their friends' sidebars. HAHAHAhahaHAhaHAhaHAHA


  1. I've had people come to my blog that way, through the title.

    And that chicken concoction looks delicious!

  2. I must have that recipe!!! It looks so delish!! I totally understand the whole "because I've been smelling this dinner all day, I'm so not into it!" Its the same with making cookies...I eat most of the batter before the cookies go into the oven, and by that time, I'm so sick of cookies.

    I redesined my blog, so I lost a lot of the HTML crap to help with all that side-bar stuff. I'm currently trying new codes out to see if it will bring back my blog list(the kind that lists them by most recent postings)

    Have fun with your mom this week. Moms rock!

  3. beardy mcbeardersonFebruary 11, 2009 at 7:45 AM

    that crap burned my face so it only stayed on for 83 seconds of the prescribed 25 minutes. and it tasted really non-delicious too, and I killed 83 billion brain cells cause you gotta breathe that stuff if you want to stay alive during the whole process.

  4. that is a sweet color-job on the beard, but where is the pic of your hair?
    yeah, i think jake's mom totally bought into your last blog title and came from my blog to yours. . . good job. i'm sure she enjoyed the "vaginal rejuvenation" comment! ha.

  5. hooray, hooray, hooray! what? mothers? okay. email me the recipe immediately. i need to eat it asap. cilantro? sold. poor penny. i don't think i could pay darc enough to dye my hair. nice job, jon. too bad it wasn't BLACK. harry potter. the end.

  6. oh, p.s. i looked at it 3 times just because of the title. each time i was disappointed.