Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Wasn't Actually There, But....

Everything in this post has to do with events that I wasn’t present for. In fact, I haven’t even met 90% of the people involved. If you have an issue with that, and if you’ll think I’m lame for writing about it on my blog, then read no further.

There was a girl that Jon used to work with…let’s just call her “Erica”. Apparently, everyone hated her because she was mean and foul.

(Case-in-Point: A couple of weeks ago, Erica and another coworker went out to lunch together, and when they came back to the car, they discovered that someone had parked too closely for Erica to open her door wide enough to get inside the driver’s seat (she’s quite heavy). So her coworker offered to back the car out for her, and before Erica obliged, she said “This is what WE do when someone parks too close…”, then reared back and hocked a huge loogie on the other car’s window. GAG!)

She was just a negative individual. With bad manners. She finally got fired last week for offending way too many people, and it was a big event complete with tears, screaming, and pounding on the table. Everyone at the office is scared that she’s one of those types that might come back one day and slash tires.

Anyway. I guess she left without taking any of her personal stuff out of her desk, so someone contacted her to let her know she would need to pick it up. Next day, she called to let them know that she was out front, waiting for someone to take her box out to her. NO ONE wanted to have anything to do with it, so brave Jon stepped up to the plate, and here’s the conversation that took place out in the parking lot. (Keep in mind I wasn’t actually there, but this is almost exactly how Jon related the incident to me.)

Erica: I don’t know why they wanted me to pick this stuff up.
Jon: Because it’s yours.
Erica: But I don’t even want it.
Jon: That’s fine.
Erica: I’m just going to throw it all in the garbage.
Jon: Are you going to throw away the Eiffel Tower keychain that I got you in Paris?
Erica: …well, no…of course I’m not going to throw THAT away….

And the point of this entire, arguably dumb story? --- MY HUSBAND IS MY HERO. And I don’t want to hear anything about writing about events that didn’t have anything to do with me. If Jon would start his own blog, it wouldn’t be an issue. The End.


  1. Why isn't Jon starting his own blog? This is brilliant.

  2. You are hilarious. I keep telling Jon you need to write a book. YOu could write a book of random things that happen to you and it would be hilarious! I'm so serious!

  3. I think you make up everything you write. Liar.